Report of meeting with Minister of Transport

In Attendance: Stewart Stevenson, two Transport Scotland executives, John Morton, Ron Page, Claire Baker MSP, Ted Brocklebank MSP’s assistant, Trisha Marwick MSP

Stewart Stevenson, Minister of Transport, began the meeting with an outline of the national planning framework in which his committee works, the strategic transport projects, the regional transport partnerships and the various criteria used for assessing transport needs. These were amplified by the Transport Scotland officials present and include safety, economic benefit and congestion, in that order.

The discussion then proceeded to consider the A92, in particular the stretch past Glenrothes. Regarding two junctions (Cadham and Balfarg), it was pointed out that many people go out of their way to avoid them. It became clear when the Minister questioned the Transport Scotland people about public concerns regarding hazards, people’s perceptions, the quality of life and the fact that many local people avoided these junctions that they had no reply to this approach or means to assess the impact.

The officials did state that the Cadham Junction was being included in the drafting of a Strategic Transport Review. The Futures Group representatives welcomed an intervention by Tricia Marwick requesting that any improvements to the Cadham Junction should not be isolated from a review of the whole Glenrothes area A92.

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A full discussion took place on the Balfarg and Cadham Junctions in particular, as stated by the Minister in last week’s Parliamentary debate. John Morton and Ron Page, however both made sure that discussion also took place on the three local roundabouts and on the winding, single lane north and south of the Tullis Russell roundabout and, indeed, on alternative solutions to the various A92 problems.

We were happy with Stewart Stevenson’s comment that he was very well aware of the A92 issues and the GAFG campaign. We were also happy with the support given by both Claire Baker and Tricia Marwick, and indeed with our reception by Stewart Stevenson. Stewart Stevenson accepted the fact that the campaign would continue until the whole of the A92 situation was resolved and acted upon.

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