Press Report of GAFG meeting of Monday 8th December

Chairman Bob Grant welcomed David Nelson, general secretary of the local CISWO to the meeting for an update on the rumours currently around Glenrothes on the Sainsbury retail development. The town centre, Dr Grant explained, was one of the four issues adopted by the Futures Group at its inaugural meeting, had been somewhat overshadowed by concentration on the A92 issue, but had now come to the fore because of the Sainsbury rumours. Mr Nelson did confirm that there were ongoing talks between CISWO, Sainsbury, Fife Council and the owners of the Kingdom Centre.

The meeting decided to seek a meeting with Keith Winter, Fife Council’s Head of Development Services, to speak to a meeting on a Masterplan for a Glenrothes Town Centre. Dr. Grant stated that it appeared Fife Council was content that the private owners of the Kingdom Centre, CIS, ran the Glenrothes Town Centre satisfactorily and that fife Council needed no locus. Severe criticism of the Council had taken place at the recent Glenrothes Area Forum on the lack of a masterplan, and it was now an appropriate time to raise this with the top personnel of Fife Council. It was also agreed to raise the same matter with the local Fife councillors at the Glenrothes Area Committee at a joint meeting in February of the two groups.

Likewise it was noted that the draft Mid Fife Plan which had been issued for public consultation said little about a Glenrothes Town Centre, as opposed to town centre plans elsewhere in Fife such as Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline. These two towns not only had masterplans but also management teams,` town centre managers, support from Fife Enterprise and funding from Fife Council. while Glenrothes had none of these. The Futures Group agreed to object to the Fife Plan on this basis. It was further noted that this plan was still named “Kirkcaldy and Mid Fife Plan” in spite of considerable opposition to such a title including that of the Leader of the Administration, Peter Grant.

Discussion took place on the forthcoming meeting this Friday 9th [December] with officials from Transport Scotland, who were visiting the five A92 hazards identified by the Futures Group. This was “a crunch meeting” but not the end of the A92 campaign. The officials were to be taken on a tour of the hazards on the local section of the A92 after a discussion at 10 a.m. Ron Page reminded members that the East of Scotland Manager of the Scottish trunk roads was to answer three questions posed to the Chief Executive of Transport Scotland, namely:

  1. Why there had never been a roundabout at the Balfarg junction?
  2. What had happened to John Morton’s “STAG Report” submission to Transport Scotland? (A major technical study of the transportation network and issues in Fife with special reference to central Fife.)
  3. The reaction of Transport Scotland to the narrow and winding single lanes of the A92 north of and south from the Tullis Russell roundabout given the retail and Tullis Russell pending developments.
Finally, it was agreed that this would lead to one further objection to the Mid Fife Draft Plan, namely that the local A92 was ignored in spite of public support for upgrading and improvement and that there was no transportation network envisaged for central Fife.

This, said Dr. Grant, also brought into consideration another of the issues to be studied by the Futures Group, namely the future economy of and future employment in the Glenrothes area. And on that basis he welcomed the agreement of the new M.P., Lindsay Roy, to attend this meeting on Thursday.

A meeting is to take place this coming Thursday on the final Futures Group issue of Youth Provision. Bob Grant, John Morton and Jayne Smith will be meeting Duncan Simpson from Fife Council and other youth workers about current youth policies.

(Ron Page. GAFG Media Contact. Tel. 01592 743319)