(Minute of the first meeting on Thursday 27th September 2007 in the Lomond Centre, Glenrothes, following a meeting of the joint community councils.)


Pitteuchar, Stenton & Finglassie CC - Bill Hunter.
Markinch CC - John Morton,
North Glenrothes CC - Jim Cumming, Ron Page, John Jackson, Colin Nilolic.
Glenrothes Area Residents’ Federation - Ellen Huggan, Alan Murray.
Churches Action Together - Bob Brown, Bob Grant.

Cardenden & Kinglassie CC - David Taylor.
Pitteuchar, Stenton & Finglassie CC - Ann Kinloch, Margaret Young.
Local Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament - Jamie Dunlop, Nicole Rock.
North Glenrothes CC - Mary Bray.

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Elections of Office Bearers:

Chair: Bob Grant was nominated and approved.
Secretary: Colin Nikolic was nominated and approved.
Treasurer: John Morton was nominated and approved.
Bob Grant accepted but stated he had Scottish Executive commitments which might not permit chairmanship at the moment. It was agreed that Ron Page act as Chair pro tem.

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Discussion took place on various topics:

  1. Membership change of the Futures Group was covered in the constitution - par. 4.2 (co-options) and par. 9 (alterations to the constitution). Colin Nikolic would approach business people in the area regarding membership.
  2. Four topics were agreed by the Group as of major concern in accordance with the purposes of the Group as stated in the constitution and were declared as priority:
    1. The A92 road adjacent to the Glenrothes area. (Secretary to investigate, study and report back.)
    2. The Glenrothes Town Centre, parking problems and relationships with the surrounding communities.
    3. The promotion of youth services. (What is FC’s policy for Fife in general and Glenrothes area in particular?)
    4. Employment - the various issues now and for the future.
  3. Ellen Huggan reported on a meeting about the new Glenrothes Post Office arrangements and the many concerns voiced.
  4. Bill Hunter reported on the CAG meeting with Peter Grant (Leader of the Fife Administration) and Steve Grimmond (Head of Community Services) concerning the Institute. It appeared that the new building would accommodate “like for like” at the least. The next meeting of the Futures Group would focus on item 3 above.
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“Provision of Youth Services”

- Ron Page to organise. Invitations would be issued to all members of the Future Groups affiliates - i.e. all community councillors, all members of the Churches Together, all members of the Residents’ Association. This would be in about 6 weeks’ time.

It was also agreed that the Futures Group hold full public meetings when appropriate.

Finance of the Futures Group was passed to the Treasurer to organise. He would investigate Fife Council’s Seedcorn Grant and others such as the Lottery. A bank account would be opened very soon for the Group.

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